Think Florida Brahman

The Florida Brahman Association (FBA) is the official organization of Brahman producers in the state of Florida, U.S.A. Our primary goal is to promote Florida-raised Brahman cattle in our state, our country, and throughout the world. In addition, the association strives to increase communication and strengthen relationships between its members.

Florida is the Sunshine State

There’s no shortage of things to do in Florida. From natural wonders to fantastical journeys of imagination, visitors to the Sunshine State discover a long list of things to do in Florida. There’s no U.S. state quite like Florida, where strawberries grow in winter and beaches beckon year-round. Yet while the subtropical climate of Florida attracts many vacationers and tourist from around the world, some people might not realize how important agriculture, and specifically the existence of Brahman cattle in the Florida agriculture sector, are to the sunshine state’s economy. Florida has some of the most respected and historic ranches known to Brahman cattlemen. Since Brahman cattle are the heat-tolerant breed, they thrive and succeed in Florida’s environment.

Strong history of Florida Brahman

The history of Brahman cattle in Florida goes back to one family.  The Partin Family. And just like any tree, this Brahman family tree has deep roots and has spread out to encompass a number of family members. So from the Brahman family tree’s start with the Partin family it has grown to include such great Brahman family names as the Barthle family, the Kempfer family, the Booth family and more. These families have helped grow the American Brahman in Florida. Breeders world-wide look to Florida for thier thick, beefy, moderate sized Brahman cattle. Ever since the first Brahman cows were unloaded off a rail car in downtown Kissimmee, Florida, in the early 1930s, Florida has been important to the evolution of the American Brahman breed.

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