The Florida Brahman Association is the proud parent organization of the Florida Junior Brahman Association. We believe in continually improving and promoting the American Brahman breed through the youth of this organization. Within this organization, we not only strive for raising quality cattle but also encourage high moral character, honesty, sportsmanship and leadership abilities with the members of this group. If you have an interest in joining the FJBA, download our FORM. If you have a question visit our CONTACT page.


2022-2023 FJBA Officers

President: Sorrel Panaro
Vice President: Wyatt Haney
Secretary: Karsen King
Treasurer: Chloe Briggs
Reporter: Gib Tucker
Chaplain: Joshua Briggs

2022-2023 FJBA Directors

Mia Portillo    ||    Ansley Ward    ||    Samuel Tucker    ||    Trey Holmes

2022-2023 FJBA Advisory Committee

Stacey White – Advisor
Tennille Haney  ||    Blake Hamilton   ||  Drew Tucker

FJBA Queen and Princess

Queen: Chloe Briggs
Princess: Ansley Ward

Florida Youth Representing on National Level

We are proud of our Florida Junior Brahman members who are serving on the American Junior Brahman Association (AJBA) board as directors.  Sorrel Panaro and Chloe Briggs have recently been elected to a two year term on the AJBA Board. Savanna Jerrels was appointed to the AJBA board and Tucker Hargraves will continue to serve for the remainder his term on the AJBA board.
Tucker Hargraves will serve as AJBA Reporter and Sorrel Panaro will serve as Treasurer on the AJBA Executive Board.

2022-2023 AJBA Directors

Sorrel Panaro  ||    Tucker Hargraves   ||    Savanna Jerrels   ||  Chloe Briggs

2022-2023 AJBA Queen

Sorrel Panaro